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Richter Brewery’s Polotmavý Weißbier 13°

polo-wheatOne of the cool Bavarians to show up at last year’s Christmas Beer Markets was Schneider’s Aventinus, an amber wheat beer that kicks like a Doppelbock, blending plummy stewed fruit with Weißbier spice and plenty of alcoholic wallop.

Right now, Richter Brewery in Prague has something similar on tap: a polotmavý (half-dark, meaning amber) Weißbier. It’s brewed at a conventional 13° with about 5% alcohol, versus 18.5° and a massive 8.2% for the brawny German.

The strength might be the biggest difference between the two, as some of the flavors and aromas are quite similar. The nose of the Polotmavý Weißbier has cooked plums and chocolate and cocoa notes with just a breath of citrus acidity. In the mouth, it starts out with fairly sweet and complex fruitcake flavors before a dry finish.

Half-liters of Richter’s Polotmavý Weißbier are 35 Kč. Get one while you can.


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  1. I guess I was unlucky when I drank this beer a couple of weeks ago. I was really unimpressed by it. In fact, it tasted rather boring. But that actually seems to be the case with many beers at U Bulovky, sometimes they are simply brilliant, but when you have them again, they are just there.

  2. Karel

    I had it last night and it was a great disapointment for me. Absolutely boring beer as well as their Pale Lager 12 and Märzen 14. Their only beer worth a try is Pale Weizen 13, which was quite good. My first and most likely last visit to Richter Brewery, none of the beers were worth the trip.

  3. Jackie Thurmond

    Is there any where in the United States that Ricter Beer can be purchased,if not where can it be bought I would appreciate you conveying an answer for me

    Thank You

  4. Hi Jackie — Richter is a brewpub. I don’t think any of their beers are in bottles and I’m pretty sure their beer is only available at the one location in Prague.

  5. I agree with Pivero and Karel that PUB’s beers are nothing like as good as anticipated. I took some English, Scottish and Slovak friends there, this week. All are experienced beer lovers and we all agreed that the beers (we tried one of everything on draft), with the exception of the special wheat beer were indifferent. They all tasted similar and immature (perhaps demand was so great that they hadn’t been allowed enough time to ‘ripen’?). Very disappointing.

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