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A New Czech Wheat Beer — or Two


You’re walking down the street in Prague, completely minding your own, when your eye hangs on a sign announcing a new beer. What stops you is an apparent error in the picture: instead of barley, the poster is adorned with what seems to be wheat.

Called Dožínkové pivo, the Czech Republic’s newest wheat beer started to show up at pubs around the country this week. There are two surprising things about the appearance of a new wheat beer in Bohemia, not the least of which is the brewery making it. (Drumroll, please…)

First, the early word is that this beer is made by Heineken-owned Krušovice. Unless Dožínkové pivo is a total disaster, this move is going to earn them love from local craft beer fans even beyond the repair they seem to have done to the now-drinkable Krušovice Černé.

Second, Dožínkové pivo is only the second new Czech wheat I’ve heard about in the past 20-odd hours. Fans of Černá Hora might like to know that the makers of 1530 and Black Hill are coming out with their own wheat beer, Velen.

That’s a doubling of Czech wheat beers (beyond brewpub offerings), from two to four, just this summer. Actually, before the return of Pivovar Herold’s wheat beer this spring, only the well-loved wheat beer from Primátor was widely available in this country, meaning we’ve gone from one to four in just six months.

I saw Dožínkové pivo at the Krušovická pivnice on Národní 7 in Prague; it’s apparently available at a few other Starobrno and Krušovice pubs around. The big question, of course, is how does it taste?

Quitting time’s in about an hour and 20 minutes. I’ll let you know after that.


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  1. WOW!!!! That’s great news… I’ve heard about the Černá Hora one, but this one is a surprise.

    Wheat is listed among the ingredients of several Krušovice beers, I wonder if this one is top fermented… Have to try, it anyway.

  2. Sorry to bother again,

    I was just checking discussion forum and they are talking about Dožínkové pivo. It seems to be available at quite a few places, but nobody is sure about where it actually comes from. Someone mentions having read a brochure which had nothing about the brewer. They all agree that the beer is pretty good, though.

  3. AHA!!! Googling a bit I find out that Starobrno is the brewer (or so it seems), and it is top fermented.

  4. pivnizub

    It hurts so much to see that Bohemia, the home of aromatic hops and crisp world-class lagers, will be slowly converted into an area of hop(e)less wheat-beers! ;-)

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