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Pivovarský Klub Brews Again


For this year’s SPP awards, most of us in Prague first met for breakfast at Hotel Beránek, near metro station I.P. Pavlova. Before getting on the bus, we were able to try Hotel Beránek’s house beer, brewed and bottled for the hotel by Chodovar.

What a great idea, I thought. Why don’t more places have their own beers? Of course a bottle of beer is fairly hard to fold, but it would still make an interesting holiday card. Or a thank-you gift. (Personally, I’d love to use one as my business card, but that would present logistical problems involving pockets, weight and my own thirst that I shouldn’t go into here.) Homebrewing’s easy enough. How hard could it be to have a beer made, maybe just for a special occasion?

And then before Christmas, I was told that my local, Pivovarský klub, had a new beer coming out for its regular customers and friends of the house. Called Florenc 14:14, it’s a polotmavý (half-dark) lager brewed from three kinds of malt at 14° Balling, lagered for more than a month and finishing with 5.5% ABV, produced in a limited run of less than 70 bottles of 330 centiliters.

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A New Prague Brewpub: Pivovar Bašta


Prague is not in bad shape for beer, not by any means. Not only do we have U sadu, U kláštera and a few hundred other great pubs in town, but we also have about a dozen outstanding local beers, including one brewed by college students. Last month we had the Christmas Beer Markets to keep us warm. And now we’ve got a brand new brewpub in Praha 4-Nusle: Pivovar Bašta.

Also known as Sousedský pivovar U Bansethů (something like “neighborhood brewery U Bansethů”), Bašta sits just across from the nuselská radnice, next door to the old U Bansethů pub, a neighborhood stalwart for a century or so and a good source for Pilsner Urquell.

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Everything I Know About Beer I Learned at the Agricultural University


Ah, the tough life of a college student, nothing but studying, classes — and brewing beer.

Or at least how it might appear in Prague, a city with at least nine functioning breweries and the capital of a country that famously consumes more beer per person than anywhere else in the world. Beer lovers everywhere have heard of Prague’s Staropramen, owned by the giant brewing group InBev, and U Fleků, a tiny brewpub that’s been running strong since 1499. Many know that the Czech lands are home to the original Pilsner and Budweisers, as well as great brewing barley and legendary hops. But very few have ever heard of Suchdolský Jeník, a beer brewed by students at Prague’s Česká zemědělská univerzita, or Czech Agricultural University.

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